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There are no set rules to landscape design.  Some gardens are carefully structured with distinct areas of interest, while others are unmitigated extensions of nature's carefree wild side.  Ideally, the landscape design you choose should reflect your personality.

If the property of your dreams is graced by neat rows of flowers and border gardens, then your landscape design should be based on the principles of balance and unity.   This is key to your landscaping design success, and should be applied to your entire property in front, behind and beside your home.  To achieve a truly balanced element of symmetry, the entire landscape must express a similar look and feel.

There are different ways to create a wonderful sense of unity in your landscape design.  The most common way of achieving harmony is to make similar plants and trees the focal points of your landscape.  For example, if you have a rose garden on the front lawn, you should plant roses in the side and rear beds as well.  A lilac hedge across the front of your property must be continued along the sides in order to have true unity.  This is easy to do and the results are fantastic.  Another way of creating unity is through height.  Having a variety of plants and trees of similar height will bring uniformity to your entire landscape design. Again, this is a simple method with stunning results.

Your landscape design should make use of elements other than just plants and trees.  Flowers are beautiful but generally bloom for just part of the year, so it's important to incorporate other landscaping design elements that will look perfect year-round.   Landscaping stones and rocks create instant gratification.  Wood chips look gorgeous and provide valuable protection for your garden.  Granite and marble can bring lasting beauty to your landscape, while stepping stones, statues and other displays create interest.  

A theme can go a long way towards in making your landscape really beautiful.  If you love butterflies or hummingbirds, choose plants and flowers that will attract them to your yard and garden.  This is a glorious way of teaming up with nature to showcase your design, and you'll always have something pretty to look at.  Visit your local garden center for help in finding bird and butterfly-friendly plants and flowering trees.

Achieving unity in your landscape requires balance # in the plants that you choose, the materials you incorporate, and in the design itself.  It is entirely possible to draw up the plans yourself by using the resources available in libraries, garden centers and on the Internet.  Of course, hiring a professional landscaper is also an option.  

However you decide to proceed, as long as you focus your attention on balance and unity, you will be able to create the perfect landscape design.
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